Collagen Lamp – a lamp emitting 400 nm – 700 nm waves of so called visible spectrum. Light of such a wavelength has cosmetic effects.

Infrared Lamp – a lamp emitting a wavelength of 700 nm – 1800 nm, i.e., so called infrared light. This kind of wavelength penetrates deep skin layers thus causing “in-source” regeneration.

Elliptic Bike-Stepper – Novelty. The Elliptic has an additional handle twisting option, which enables you to work on upper body parts through a twisting movement.

Ionizing System – A Bio-Ionizer produces negative ions, this way purifying the air.

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Infra Shaper Swan 100% responds to contemporary women’s needs. Most of all, it’s a unique and elegant feminine design. Secondly, it has a complex effect on your entire body. The device’s casing is an open capsule, thanks to which the beneficial effect of the device’s individual components is not selected to affect particular body parts. They affect your entire body. This is most of all in accordance with your body’s proper functioning (all your body parts undergo a regenerating process at the same time and cleansing on the cell’s level takes place in your entire body).

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