Unique synergy of the 4 components

- healthful effect – a large group of people who undergo the training are persons with increased weight. When your weight is increased, your joints are exposed to bigger load so they need to be specially protected. The effect of a specially designed light beam reconstructs the periarticulartissue causing its strenthening. Additionally, the trainer’s pedals have been designed in such a way that the joints are not strained (the trainer’s pedal yields to natural movement of your joints rather than forcing movement).

- cosmetic effect on many levels – the combination of visible light with infrared light has most of all a long-lasting effect, but it also works in agreement with your body. The regeneration takes place from the inside (the deepest layers of your skin – the IR lamp’s deep penetration), it prepares the skin for the effects of the collagen lamp, which ultimately renders your skin smooth, firm and supple. This cannot be obtained in the long run without the regeneration of your skin’s deep parts or without detoxification.

weight loss – the combination of the 4 unique components in the device makes it possible to effect the whole body while each effect enhances and complements another.

While losing weight your skin becomes significantly slack – loss of suppleness as well as waste products produced by your body in the process of weight loss. At the same time, the deep penetrating effect – purification, internal regeneration (IR Lamp), increasing your skin’s suppleness and firmness (Collagen Lamp) and movement which is harmonious with the proper functioning of your body, all this yields effects which are first of all spectacular and secondly, long-lasting (we do not act against your body’s natural mechanisms). The effect of the training is not only a beautiful figure, but also a healthy, well-functioning body.

Unique comprehensive effect

The Infra Shaper Swan provides a 100% answer to the needs of contemporary women. First of all, it boasts a unique, elegant and feminine design. Secondly, it provides a comprehensive effect on the whole body. The casing is an open capsule thanks to which the beneficial effect of individual components is not selected for specific body parts. The effects involve the whole body. Most of all, they are harmonious with your body’s proper functioning (all your body parts undergo regeneration and at the same time your whole body is being cleansed on the cell level). Moreover, thanks to the twisting elliptic trainer, your training is complete – all the body parts are affected. In the case of classic exercising on the twisting elliptic trainer, the training focuses mainly on the lower body parts.

Exercising on the Infra Shaper Swan is a comprehensive rather than selective training. Working on all of your body parts is carried out on one device.

This is very important for women who want to achieve a well-proportioned figure without having to supplement the training with e. g. oars or special exercises for the upper body parts.


Infra Shaper Swan = health + beauty + complex effects